1. The essence and the perception of beauty.
2. Shape, size, color and position of teeth for harmony.
3. Dental and gingival parameters that affect the aesthetics of the smile.
4. Finding the balance between dental shape, function and aesthetics.
5. Modification with aligners of the parameters on which the assessment of dental esthetics is based:
     a. Interdental spaces
     b. Incisal edge level
     c. Level of interproximal contact points
     d. Inclinations of the axes of incisors and canines
     e. Color
     f. Buccal corridors
     g. Smile line and lip line
     h. Proportions of the crown in the cranial-caudal and ccccccccmesio-distal directions
     i. Facial midline
     j. Upper and lower dental midlines
     k. Buccal contour of upper incisors and canines
     l. Cervical black triangles
     m. Gingival leveling and consistency
6. Management of Clincheck Pro software focused on case stability.
7. Creation of live virtual mock up in two real patients.
8. Balancing virtual models.
9. Management of gingival soft tissues without surgery
     a. Dental recontouring
     b. BOPTm Technique
10. Accelerated orthodontics. Physiological principles.
11. Introduction to «static» stabilometry.