During the weekend of Digital Smile Architecture you will learn from Dr. Ivan Malagon ́s particular vision:

1.- To detect the keys that will give aesthetic and functional harmony to your cases.
2 .- The digital treatment planning protocols for the stability of the results in the medium and long term.
3.- To handle the most advanced smile design software.
4.- Create Mock up virtual and export the files to print them in 3D in minutes.
5.- To balance your digital models with virtual articulator.
6.- To identify how the situation and position of the teeth, as well as the skeletal remodelation that we, as orthodontists, can control, affect the shape, support and volume of cheekbones, cheeks, airways, lips, lower facial third and neck.
7.- To understand posturology and incorporate it into your orthodontic diagnosis records through its stabilometric protocols.
8.- To manage the leveling, insertion and volume of the gums without surgery, according to the inclinations of the teeth, the recontouring, «re-shaping» and additive techniques with composite resins like BOPTmodified; and also the latest digital techniques to guide gingivoplasty at the end of orthodontic treatment.
9.- Its protocols applied to Clincheck Pro 3D to create the structure that
ortodoncia should conform the posterior sectors, thanks to the application of soft forces to reshape the bone volume, and create the appropriate transverse dimension that gives adequate support to soft tissues.

During the Digital Smile Architecture weekend, you will understand :

1.- The importance of digital treatment planning to achieve accurate and predictable results.
2 .- The need for complete immersion in digital dentistry for the rapid and effective coordination between the different specialists responsible for building harmonious smiles (orthodontist, periodontist, dental aesthetic specialist, prosthodontist, implantologist and specialist in facial and neck aesthetic medicine).
3.- How does this «chain of imbalances» whose primary cause is a malocclusion, thanks to the virtual reality and the software created by Dr. Ivan Malagón «Dens Sano in Corpore Sano».